Samples of Work

All of the following samples have been taken from companies who have closed, or have been sanitized, removing any reference to any company.

This informational document provided details on an Information Systems Change Management Program.

Audience: Technical and non-technical management wanting to make software changes on their systems or company-wide systems.

This policy document specified approved Computer Room Access.

Audience: Approved Computer Room Users and IS Management.

This training document detailed the proper operation of the SPOT Satellite GPS messenger. This document was created because the company's existing product documentation available on the site was difficult, if not impossible, for riders to use and understand.

Audience: Long-distance motorcycle riders and their families.

This training document detailed one module in an online continuing education Case Management course.

Audience: Individuals learning about Healthcare Case Management.

This document (originally created in Visio) revealed all of the incoming and outgoing interfaces to a new core system, Facets.

Audience: Primarily, the IS team working on the Facets installation and interfaces. Secondarily, all department managers in the company.

This InfoPak document reviewed error messages and system requirements for specific field inputs.

Audience: System users of the Web Client.

This document allowed claims department individuals to follow up on claims where the dollar amount was greater than $5,000.00 USD.

Audience: Claims Department and Management

This User Guide provided coaching to users of the PVCS-Tracker system. This system was used to track programming bugs.

Audience: Testers of the Facets System Installation  (technical and non-technical).

This Documentation supports a lay user when researching hCG and presents information on how individuals can use the Protocol to lose weight and maintain those losses.

Audience: Frustrated weight loss veterans  (primarily non-technical).



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